Lakewood Brewing Announces 2021 Seduction Six-Packs

Lakewood Brewing Announces 2021 Seduction Six-Packs

(Dallas, TX) – Lakewood Brewing will release its 2021 Seduction six-packs this week featuring two cans each of three in-demand favorites from its popular Seduction Series – Double Stuffed, French Quarter, and Sin Mint. This is the first time Double Stuffed has been available outside the Lakewood Brewing Taproom, where it sold out in a matter of hours, while both French Quarter and Sin Mint are returning fan-favorites.

Lakewood’s Seduction six-packs feature variants of Lakewood’s Temptress, the number one craft stout in Texas, and will be available in the Lakewood Taproom this Friday, October 15, as well as at craft beer retailers statewide this month. Taking Lakewood’s bestselling Temptress Imperial Milk Stout and infusing it with bold flavors has made Seduction one of Lakewood’s best-selling seasonal series.

“We know immediately when we have a winning Seduction brew based on how it sells in our taprooms,” said Wim Bens, founder and president of Lakewood Brewing. “The three flavors we’re releasing this year were all incredibly popular when we offered them as individual limited releases. French Quarter and Sin Mint are cult favorites among the Lakewood Brewing Company fandom, and Double Stuffed has sold out every time we’ve made a Taproom-only batch – it was time to set her free statewide.”

French Quarter Temptress is flavored with bourbon barrel-aged coffee from Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters and a touch of chicory. Sin Mint Temptress has mint and a touch of graham cracker, like a liquid thin mink cookie. Double Stuffed Temptress, being offered for the first time outside the family-owned North Texas brewery, is stuffed not once, but twice with milk’s favorite cookie. Temptress, Lakewood’s flagship and most popular brew, appeals to beer and non-beer drinkers alike given its unique flavor profile that pairs well with bold flavors and ingredients like those in the Seduction Series.

Lakewood’s Seduction six-packs are headed to Texas craft beer shelves this month. The curious and the die-hard can visit Lakewood’s Beer Finder to find it near them, or go online to order. All three flavors in the Seduction Six-pack will also be available on tap in Lakewood’s Taproom at 2302 Executive Drive in Garland until fans drink every last drop.

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About Lakewood Brewing Company

Lakewood Brewing Company is a family-owned, independent craft brewery making Seriously Fun Beer. Lakewood exploded onto the DFW brewing scene in 2012 and became famous for its Temptress Imperial Milk Stout, which is now the best-selling craft stout in Texas. Its diverse beer portfolio includes year-round, seasonal, and limited barrel-aged and sour beers.

Lakewood has been recognized nationally in major beer competitions including: U.S. Beer Tasting Championship, U.S. Open Beer Championship ), San Diego, Denver and Los Angeles International Beer Competitions among others. Lakewood beers are available throughout Texas in discerning bars, restaurants, and retailers. For the Lakewood Taproom location and a “find our beer” tool, visit