Frozen Blueberry Daiquiri


by Caroline O’Neil

While Darcy was away at Tales of the Cocktail, I usurped his website and posted a couple of articles. Well, I am back by popular demand since many people suggested that I continue to do a guest blog posting. I figured that some people wanted a bit of a girly flare to Darcy’s fine cocktails. Now before you click away into cyberspace, I want to reassure you that this is not going to be all sweet and pink. I know that Darcy has an image to maintain. I have opted to create the Blueberry Daiquiri, which is not too sweet and is very refreshing. This is a bit of a twist on the classic Strawberry Daiquiri that Darcy highlighted. Now I know that my guest blogging privileges will probably be revoked once he realizes that I pulled out the blender and made a slushy Daiquiri. According to him this is an abomination of the Daiquiri but frankly I just didn’t care because I needed something to cool down.

My source of inspiration came to me as I was melting away on the hottest day of the year. Yes, we actually have summer in Canada. Currently, blueberries are in season so they are easy to get our hands on. So yesterday we went on a family trip to pick some fresh blueberries. We ended up picking 30 pounds of blueberries. Do you have any idea how many blueberries that actually is? Fionn is sitting with a 1/4 of the blueberries that we picked. I’d also like to mention that there were no blueberries harmed in the taking of this picture. Okay so there were just a few casualties. Fresh blueberries are great for many things and they freeze very well,so you can enjoy them all year round. With the mountain of blueberries sitting in the kitchen, I decided that I needed to make a cocktail with them.

How to make a Frozen Blueberry Daiquiri
½ cup of fresh or frozen blueberries

1 tblsp fresh lime juice

1½ oz White Rum

1 teaspoon sugar

1 cup of crushed ice

Add blueberries, lime juice, rum and sugar into a blender and blend until smooth. Add ice and blend until slushy. Garnish with blueberries skewered and a lime twist.


Now if you have an ice cream maker kicking around the kitchen, I would highly recommend using it instead of the crushed ice. For some reason I find it hard for crushed ice to make a fine slushy drink. Now this may be the fact that I am lacking a bit of patience. Therefore, I put the blended blueberry, lime juice, rum and sugar into the ice cream maker with half a cup of water and churned for five minutes. This gives me a few minutes to sit back and relax. This makes a wonderful slushy drink with no ice chips lurking about.

Now I had to rumage through Darcy’s bar kit to get a few tools and the blender made a fair bit of noise so Darcy was hovering to see what I was up to. He did seem slightly intrigued and wanted to check out my so-called abomination. Of course he helped me tweak the recipe and he did in fact test it out. Dare I say that he gave it a . So if I didn’t loose my blogging privileges from making a slushy Daiquiri then I certainly lost it with that last comment. I definitely enjoyed the Frozen Blueberry Daiquiri and found it to be a wonderful drink on a hot summer day.

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